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Free Tutorial : Circuit Breaker The Muscle of Electrical Power System

Electrical power system is like a human being having a heart and a muscle, we already knew that the heart of electrical power system is electrical power transformer, but on this article we will be focusing on the muscle of electrical power system called the electrical circuit breakers.

From well known scholar Electrical Engineer C.S.D. of our company said. A circuit breakers are almost present in all electrical installations for circuit protection, some are using fuses with equivalent function to save the circuitry from electrical faults and other abnormal conditions.

Faults are possible in tree branches touching a electrical power line causing short circuit can cause tremendous amount of electrons to flow on wires and other equipment that the later cannot carry without breakage, thus, the need to cut the supply is necessary to avoid sizable damage on the electrical system.

During a bad weather, a strong wind can blow an overhead power line causing it to swing and touch the other live electrical wires and thereby resulting to a large current to rush on both lines. The same may happen a branch of tree  comes in contact with a power line temporarily or permanently. On such abnormal conditions, an instrument capable of cutting and restoring electrical power within a very minimal time is badly needed.

This is a job for electrical circuit breakers and electrical fuses, it automatically opens the circuit when overloading and short circuit happens, therefore preventing large amounts of currents to continue and harm the equipment by fire, melting or disintegration.

Unlike Electrical fuses that can be utilized only once and must be replaced, circuit breakers can be used several times and can be reset manually or remotely using supervisory control and data acquisition or SCADA.

Electrical circuit breakers vary in sizes, constructions, structure, and more but has to be strong enough like a muscle to be able to disconnect the circuit during abnormal conditions without damaging itself. An example of which is the high voltage circuit breaker inside a electrical power substation.

On the other hand a mini circuit breaker is usually used on residential, commercial and also industrial buildings with low supply voltage.

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