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Electronics Networking Free Ebooks and Wireless

Collective Intelligence and E-learning 2.0
Implications of Web-based Communities and Networking

The Complete Guide to Copper and Fiber-Optic Networking, 4th Edition
With the growing demand for fiber optics in large–scale communications networks, network professionals need complete, up–to–the–minute information. The fourth edition of this popular guide provides you with the latest on copper and fiber–optic networking. It is particularly useful for those studying for the Fiber Optics Installer or Fiber Optics Technician certifications.

Wi-Fi for the Enterprise
Maximizing 802.11 For Business
Networking guru, Nathan Muller takes a long, hard look at WiFi in the enterprise in this complete reference to equipment, configuration, and features for business environments. Already, there are over 300 (and climbing) certified products in this red-hot market.

Resource Management in Wireless Networking
Network Theory and Applications
personal communications, Internet technologies and real-time multimedia.
This volume is a very good companion for practitioners working on implementing solutions for multimedia and Quality of Service ? sensitive applications over wireless networks.

Remote Sensing for a Changing Europe

Technical presentations were on all fields of geoinformation and remote sensing, but especially on the following topics: new sensors and instruments, image processing techniques, time series analysis, data fusion, imaging spectroscopy, urban remote sensing, land use and land cover, radar remote sensing.

Programmable Logic Controllers, Fifth Edition
continues to be a straight forward, easy-to-read book that presents the principles of PLCs while not tying itself to one vendor or another. Extensive examples and chapter ending problems utilize several popular PLCs currently on the market highlighting understanding of fundamentals that can be used no matter the specific technology.

Microwave/RF Applicators and Probes

For Material Heating, Sensing, and Plasma Generation: A Design Guide
Mathematical methods are provided as design tools, and are often simplified via curve-fitting techniques that are particularly usable by handheld calculators. Useful equations and numerically solved examples, using situations encountered in practice, are supplied. Above all, this volume is a comprehensive and useful reference where the reader can find design rules and principles of high frequency applicators and probes for material processing and sensing applications.

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