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D-loable Ebooks Distributed Switchgear Instructor's Solutions Manual and Machinery

Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines, Ninth Edition
Now in its ninth edition, Pounder's retains the directness of approach and attention to essential detail that characterized its predecessors. There are new chapters on monitoring control and HiMSEN engines as well as information on developments in electronic-controlled fuel injection. It is fully updated to cover new legislation including that on emissions and provides details on enhancing overall efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions.

Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy
The book focuses on the methods used to characterize small point-defect clusters, such as dislocation loops, because the coverage in general microscopy textbooks is limited and omits many of the problems associated with the analysis of these defects. The book also describes in situ, high-resolution, and analytical techniques. Techniques are illustrated with examples, providing a solid overview of the contribution of TEM to radiation damage mechanisms.

Electrical Craft Principles, 5th Edition
The Institution provides guidance on the application of BS 7671 through publications focused on the various activities from design of the installation through to final test and certification with further guidance for maintenance. This includes a series of eight Guidance Notes, two Codes of Practice and model forms for use in wiring installations.

Distributed Switchgear
This invaluable reference source begins with the general principles of the switchgear function and leads on to discuss topics such as interruption techniques, fault level calculations, switching transients and electrical insulation. Solutions to practical problems associated with distribution switchgear are also included.

Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 44

This volume is meant as an introductory resource aimed at practitioners of electrochemistry research, technology, and development mainly at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels. Thus emphasis is placed at length scales in the 1-100 nm range. The volume will help provide understanding of electrochemical phenomena and materials at the nanoscale through modeling and numeric simulations.

Instructor's Solutions Manual to Solid State Electronic Devices, 6th Edition

High-Temperature Superconductors
The book covers the superconductivity phenomenon, structure of high-Tc superconductors, critical currents, synthesis routes for high Tc materials, superconductivity in cuprates, the proximity effect and SQUIDs, theories of superconductivity and applications of superconductors.

Light and Dark
An exploration in science, nature, art and technology
This book brings together a wide range of topics that would normally be found in separate texts classified as astronomy, zoology, technology, history, art or physics. The connection is the theme of light and dark, which may alternate either in time or in space.

Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting, 3rd Edition

This book is highly recommended for anyone involved with design, maintenance, and reliability of production machinery.
Bloch and Geitner identify typical causes of machinery failure and include many well documented examples.


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