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Radar Signals Free The Mobile Revolution AND Broadband Packet Switching Technologies

Radar Signals
Radar Signals features in-depth coverage of the most prevalent classical and modern radar signals used today, as well as new signal concepts developed in recent years. Inclusion of key MATLAB software codes throughout the book demonstrates how they dramatically simplify the process of describing and analyzing complex signals.

Broadband Packet Switching Technologies
A Practical Guide to ATM Switches and IP Routers
This book explains all the main packet-switching architectures, including all theoretical and practical topics relevant to the design and management of high-speed networks.

Combinatorial Network Theory
Applied Optimization.The subject of all five chapters is the interconnection problem. The first two chapters deal with Cayley digraphs which are candidates for networks of maximum connectivity with given degree and number of nodes. Chapter 3 addresses Bruijn digraphs, Kautz digraphs, and their generalizations, which are candidates for networks of minimum diameter and maximum connectivity with given degree and number of nodes.

Enabling Technologies for Mobile Services
It will cover topics in the B3G area that are not yet well covered, namely applications and services from the users, key enabling technologies, regulatory and business models, end-user evaluations and applications/services creation points of views.

Total Area Networking
Atm, Ip, Frame Relay and Smds Explained
This fully updated second edition of the highly successful Total Area Networking has been extended to include IP networks and now covers both network technology and its applications.

Applications in Time-Frequency Signal Processing
This book differs by highlighting particular applications of time-frequency representations and demonstrating how to use them. It also provides pseudo-code of the computational algorithms for these representations so that you can apply them to your own specific problems. Written by leaders in the field, this book offers the opportunity to learn from experts.

The Mobile Revolution
The Making of Worldwide Mobile Market
According to conventional industry wisdom, technology-based innovations are part of a continuum of change. Each wave of innovation is typically illustrated with the S-curve, a graph of the relationship between time (the effort put into improving a product or process) and performance (the return on the investment).

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