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Ebooks communication Design for Telecommunications and Networking

Embedded Systems and Software Validation
Covers the major abstraction levels of embedded systems design, starting from software analysis and micro-architectural modeling, to modeling of resource sharing and communication at the system level.

Successful Service Design for Telecommunications
The companies that survive and excel are those offering the most compelling range of products and services.

Network Convergence
Services, Applications, Transport, and Operations Support
Within telecommunications, the historic separations between fixed networks, mobile telephone networks and data communications are diminishing.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
These devices are now playing an ever-increasingly important role in our lives. To mention only a few examples, mobile users can rely on their cellular phone to check e-mail and browse the Internet; travelers with portable computers can surf the internet from airports, railway stations, cafes, and other public locations.

Adaptive Blind Signal and Image Processing
This volume unifies and extends the theories of adaptive blind signal and image processing and provides practical and efficient algorithms for blind source separation, Independent, Principal, Minor Component Analysis, and Multichannel Blind Deconvolution (MBD) and Equalization.

Bluetooth Operation and Use

Ultrashort Laser Pulse Phenomena, Second Edition
Optics and Photonics Series
The second edition has updated and expanded its content, and includes more examples of ultrashort sources and a more comprehensive fundamentals chapter. Diagnostic techniques and applications involving sensors, mode-locked lasers, and imaging have been fully revised to include current technologies.

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