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Robotics Education and Operational Amplifiers Optical Communication Free

Tunable Laser Applications, Second Edition

Reflects the significant developments in tunable lasers that have taken place over the past decade. Internationally recognized experts describe the physics and architecture of widely applied tunable laser sources, emphasizing biomedical applications of fiber lasers and ultrashort pulsed lasers as well as laser isotope separation and cancer photodynamic therapy.

Operational Amplifiers, Fifth Edition
Each chapter is followed by a set of exercises, enabling the reader to put the theory learnt into practice, with full answers provided at the back of the book. Appendices feature reproductions of manufacturers' data sheets, placing the concepts introduced in the text into a real-world context, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. This approach, combined with the book's easily accessible page layout and style, results in a highly student centred and comprehensive text.

Extending H-infinity Control to Nonlinear Systems
At the core of nonlinear control theory lie two partial differential equations (PDEs). One is a first-order evolution equation called the information state equation, which constitutes the dynamics of the controller. One can view this equation as a nonlinear dynamical system.

Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Sensors
The book is divided into three parts. Part I introduces readers to the fundamental principles of surface plasmon resonance (bio)sensors and covers the electromagnetic theory of surface plasmons, the theory of SPR sensors and molecular interactions at sensor surfaces. Part II presents a review of the state of the art in the development of SPR sensor instrumentation and functionalization methods.

Web-Based Control and Robotics Education
The book includes sufficient background and review material and investigates valuable new tools and best practices validated by several case-studies in many academic environments under a variety of educational conditions and requirements.

Multiwavelength Optical Networks
Architectures, Design, and Control Second Edition Each of these is treated in depth, together with new research on all-optical packet-switched networks, which combine the speed of optics with the versatility of packet switching. Also included are current trends and new applications on the commercial scene wavelengths on demand, virtual private optical networks, and bandwidth trading.

Optical Communication Theory and Techniques
Each paper is self-contained, and will give the reader a clear picture of the treated topic, an overview of the theoretical aspects, and an idea of the most recent advances.

Optics, Retinoscopy, and Refractometry
Focus on the basics of optics, providing the foundation for understanding retinoscopy. The detailed instructions and practical exercises help the beginning technician become proficient at the valuable skill of retinoscopy. This comprehensive resource concludes with a simplified approach to refractometry, including a section on refractive surgery from an optics perspective.

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

Laser shock peening Performance and process simulation
It is a relatively new surface treatment for metallic materials that can greatly improve their resistance to crack initiation and propagation brought on by cyclic loading and fatigue. This book, the first of its kind, consolidates the scattered knowledge about LSP into one comprehensive volume.

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This is a very useful reference for actual applications. Thanks for posting. Hope for more future updates.

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