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Electrical Operation Electromagnetics Protective Relaying and Tesla Coil Design

Energy Management Handbook, 5th Edition

It provides in-depth coverage of every component of energy management, including boiler and steam system optimization, lighting and electrical systems, HVAC system.

The Challenges to Nuclear Power in the Twenty-First Century
The papers address the need for nuclear energy in the new century; the issues of competition with other energy sources; the position of nuclear power in the context of critical global and environmental problems; the necessity of commercial nuclear power development to deal with nuclear arms proliferation.

Magnetic Techniques for the Treatment of Materials
The book reflects the current technological trends and re-positions the research, development and practice of magnetic methods of material treatment in such areas as minerals beneficiation, recycling, waste treatment and biomedical and clinical applications.

The Method of Moments in Electromagnetics
This book provides both the information needed to solve practical electromagnetic problems using the MOM and the knowledge necessary to understand more advanced topics in the field.
The final chapters examine the contemporary fast multipole method and describe some commonly used methods of numerical integration, including the trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s rule, area coordinates, and Gaussian quadrature on triangles.

Boilers and Heaters: Improving Energy Efficiency

Protective Relaying for Power Generation Systems
Is a recommended addition to every power engineer's library. The details may go beyond normal equipment protection requirements, but the depth of analysis, the data presented, and the qualitative discussion of all of the aspects involved in generator protection add a dimension not available in any single text. Reviewed by Stanley H. Horowitz in September/October 2006 Magazine of IEEE Power Engineering Society, Vol.4 No.5 Organizing material in a structure that allows for quick and easy reference, Protective Relaying for Power Generation Systems features an in-depth presentation of topics and specific information related to generators and motors.

Electrical Operation Of Electrostatic Precipitators
This manual should be of interest to both users and suppliers of electrostatic precipitators as well as advanced students on environmental based courses. The author identifies the physical and engineering basis for the development of electrical equipment for electrostatic precipitators and explores the technological factors which optimise the efficiency of the precipitator and hence minimise emissions, as well as future developments in the electrical field.

Modeling and High Performance Control of Electric Machines
You'll discover how to derive mathematical models of the machines, and how the resulting models can be used to design control algorithms that achieve high performance. Graduate students studying power and control as well as practicing engineers in industry will find this a highly readable text on the operation, modeling, and control of electric machines.

The ULTIMATE Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide
Is a one-stop reference covering the theory, design tools, and techniques necessary to create the Tesla coil using modern materials.This unique resource utilizes Excel spreadsheets to perform calculations and SPICE simulation models on the companion website to enhance understanding of coil performance and operating theory.

HVAC Procedures & Forms Manual 2nd Edition
Refined through feedback from thousands of engineers and technicians who have used them, the forms contained in this manual are concise, comprehensive, and optimally organized for easy reference. Complete sets of forms are provided for all aspects of testing and balancing, energy auditing, indoor quality diagnosis, and load calculations.

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