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Radar Techniques and Systems Satellite Remote and Integrated Circuit-Antenna free download

Advanced Radar Techniques and Systems

In addition to the challenging research and development tasks in the above areas, the system design of a radar and the related analysis activities are interesting and creative activities. As a matter of fact, a set of user requirements can very often be satisfied by a number of different radar system options (e.g. the radiated signal, the antenna pattern and the scan strategy, leading to the management of the energy in time and space; the processing techniques for the detection, location, recognition and tracking of targets in the presence of natural and man-made interference.

Satellite Remote Sensing for Archaeology
Important for me to explain why I have chosen to write this book in the first place. The use of satellite imagery in archaeology is a topic about which I am passionate, having spent eight years developing methods for archaeological site location in different regions of Egypt (Sinai, the Delta, and Nile Valley), teaching remote sensing courses, and (two years ago) starting a remote sensing laboratory. When I started doing research for a then undergraduate research paper in an introductory remote sensing course, I was struck by how little information could be found for general satellite remote sensing applications in archaeology. This became more apparent during my PhD years. Few papers existed that described how remote sensing could be applied to Egyptian archaeology, and no papers existed for the use of satellite remote sensing in the Nile Valley floodplain or Delta. It is my sincere hope that students, professional archaeologists, archaeological researchers and all people fascinated by the potential for satellite remote sensing in archaeology will find this book useful.

Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules
Traditionally, electronic circuits and antenna systems have been designed by different groups of designers using different types of design tools, working independently on either side of a well-defined interface, very often with very little interaction. This approach leads to separately packaged circuit and antenna subsystems, connected by appropriate cables or waveguides.Microwave circuit designers and antenna designers have used different types of design tools. However, the design of integrated circuit–antenna modules calls for concurrent design of both the circuit and antenna functions. Such design requires a new set of design tools applicable to both domains or a hybrid combination of tools so far used separately for circuit and antenna designs.

Fundamentals of Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks

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