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DownloadFree Optical Fiber Telecommunications and Handbook of Stem Cells and Sensor And Actuators

Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-A: Components
Tremendous technical progress was made during the next few years, and the choice of lightwave over copper coaxial cable or microwave relay for most longhaul transmission systems was assured. The goal of research was to improve performance, such as bitrate and repeater spacing, and to find other applications beyond point-to-point long haul telephone transmission.

Stem Cells Handbook
The goal of Stem Cells Handbook is to present in one resource both the background and the current understanding of what stem cells are and what they can do. The authors of the various chapters were selected for their significant contributions to and expertise in various aspects of stem cell biology. First, the function of embryonic stem cells in early development and organogenesis, and germinal stem cells in reproduction are presented, followed by how embryonic stem cells may be cloned and how they are programmed. The role of stem cells in amphibian regeneration and mammalian wound healing shows the potential of these cells for tissue renewal.

Handbook Of Sensor And Actuators
When the development of a scientific field expands, the need for handbooks arises, wherein the information that appeared earlier in journals and conference proceedings is systematically and selectively presented. The sensor and actuator field is now in this position. For this reason, Elsevier Science took the initiative to develop a seres of handbooks with the name "Handbook of Sensors and Actuators" which will contain the most meaningful background material that is important for the sensor and actuator field. Titles like Fundamentals of Transducers, Thick Film Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Micromachining, Piezoelectric Crystal Sensors, Robot Sensors and Intelligent Sensors will be part of this seres.

Optical Fiber Telecommunications IV-B: Systems and Impairments

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