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Rapid ebooks links Fiber Optic Measurement and Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment

Fiber Optic Measurement Techniques

The focus of this book is the measurement techniques related to fiber-optic systems, subsystems and devices. Since both optical systems and optical instruments are built upon various optical components, basic optical devices are discussed in chapter 1, which includes semiconductor lasers and LEDs, photodetectors, fundamental properties of optical fibers, optical amplifiers and optical modulators.In addition to optical communications, fiber-optics and photonic technologies have found a variety of other applications ranging from precision metrology, to imaging, to photonic sensors. Various optical measurement techniques have been proposed and demonstrated in research, development, maintenance and trouble-shooting of optical systems. Different optical systems demand different measurement and testing techniques based on the specific application and the key requirements of each system. Over the years, fiber-optic measurement has become a stand-alone research discipline, which is both interesting and challenging.The Corning breakthrough was the most significant step toward the practical application of fiber-optic communications. Over the following several years, fiber losses dropped dramatically, aided both by improved fabrication methods and the shift to longer wavelengths, where fibers have inherently lower attenuation.

Instrumentation And Control Systems Documentation
This book will train you to read, understand, and apply the symbols and documents used to define a modern industrial instrumentation and control system. For more experienced professionals, we will offer insights into using the symbols and documents effectively, including explanations for their use. We will present variations in the use of symbols and documents we have seen, and point out some pitfalls to avoid.

Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment, 2nd Edition
Many failures in electronic systems have been traced to large differences in the thermal coefficients of expansion and the lack of proper restraints or strain relief in the electrical lead wires. Many failures have also been traced to large dynamic. displacements developed in circuit boards when their resonant frequencies are excited during operation in severe vibration environments. These subjects therefore have been added to this textbook to promote a better understanding of other failure mechanisms that affect the reliability of sophisticated electronic systems.For many years the electronics industry has been striving to improve the reliability of electronics systems by reducing the operating temperature and the junction temperatures of electronic components. During this same period there has been a strong drive to reduce the size and cost of these electronic assemblies. Problems have resulted from these trends because the power densities have increased rapidly as the volume decreased. As a result, many electronic systems now require more exotic cooling techniques with special fans, liquid cooling, heat pipes, and thermoelectric cooling to keep junction temperatures under 100°C.

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