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Basic Electricity and Electronics for Control and Installation Designs

Electrical Installation Designs, 2nd Edition
Most basic electrical installations may be completed by a competent person with appropriate guidance to avoid serious problems and hazards. The project chapter illustrate methods that could be used for particular types of installation ranging from a house to an industrial workshop. The ideas are by no means exclusive. The book contains special chapters on earthing,isolation and switching and over-current protection which give a down to earth interpretation of the regulations. Electrical installation students and non-electrical associates in the construction industry will appreciate the user friendly approach. Its has been written from different viewpoint. Typical projects are examined to produce designs that will fit current standards.

Basic Electricity and Electronics for Control: Fundamentals and Applications, 3rd Edition
For proper use, good practice, and to ensure the readers ability to work safely, a prior knowledge of standard workplace safety procedures and techniques is required. A rudimentary knowledge of measurements and an experience in the proper use of typical test equipment will be of great benefit when reading this text.In most places this text is not rigorously mathematical; in some areas where precision in mathematics is necessary, those points are elaborated upon. Where technical sophistication, as opposed to ease of understanding exists, understanding prevails. This is not an engineering text, but a basic and practical course in electrics and electronics. It is not intended as a substitute for a technical education nor is it a preengineering text.The focus of this text is electrical measurement practices. Given this topic, it will be assumed that the reader is either acquainted with or wishes to become acquainted with the basics of electricity. However, even readers with previous knowledge will differ greatly in their depth of understanding, the length of time since their study (if any) of electrical phenomena, and how deeply they absorbed the basic electrical facts.

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