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Rapid books Humanoid Robots and Introduction to Robotics with Digital Signal

Introduction to Robotics

Humanoid Robots
This book the variety of humanoid robotic research can be obtained. The first chapter deals with remarkable hardware developments, whereby complete humanoid robotic systems are as well described as partial solutions. In the second chapter diverse results around the biped motion of humanoid robots
are presented. The autonomous, efficient and adaptive two-legged walking is one of the main challenge in humanoid robotics. It is an enormous challenge for all humanoid researchers that evolution has originated such effective sensors, controllers and actuators. Building humanoid robots involves the development of lightweight and energy-saving actuators, fast and intelligent sensors and exceptional complex control systems.

Security Design Consulting
Perhaps more so than other security consultants, security design consultants’ independence and integrity are challenged more frequently due to the nature of their specialization. Unlike security management consultants and information system consultants, security design consultants
design physical protection systems and therefore must work closely with the integrators, installers, and salespeople whose companies manufacture or distribute physical security products.

DSP Guide to Digital Signal Processing
This book was written for scientists and engineers in a wide variety of fields: physics, bioengineering, geology, oceanography, mechanical and electrical engineering, to name
just a few. The goal is to present practical techniques while avoiding the barriers of detailed mathematics and abstract theory. DSP was taught as a graduate level course in electrical engineering. A decade later, DSP had become a standard part of the undergraduate curriculum. Today, DSP is a basic skill needed by scientists and engineers in many fields.

Audio Engineer's Reference Book

GPS: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

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