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Quantitative Feedback Theory
The authors have exerted meticulous care with explanations, diagrams, calculations, tables, and symbols. The reader is shown how to make intelligent realworld assumptions based upon mathematics and/or on a sound knowledge of the characteristics and the operating scenario of the plant to be controlled The text provides a strong, comprehensive, and illuminating account of those elements that have relevance in the analysis and design of robust control systems and in bridging the gap between the scientific and the engineering methods.

Making PIC Microcontroller - Instruments and Controllers
The projects in this tutorial have been designed so they each emphasize the role of one specific technique for using these microcontroller. Together the eight projects give you the basic information and experience you require to design and build the unique instruments and controllers you will need for both your special and everyday needs.

Electric Circuits - 8th Edition

Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Design

A Quick Guide to Pipeline Engineering
This book provides a handy reference guide on both onshore and offshore pipeline engineering that engineers and students will find useful. Basic principles such as design, construction, operation and maintenance are discussed with the aim of being concise and informative. When working in the pipeline industry, there are numerous pipeline codes and standards, calculation approaches and reference material that the operator must understand in order to make accurate and informed decisions.

Hydrogen Bonded Polymers

Industrial Controls and Manufacturing
Control which is taught in engineering schools, there is a lack of treatments on control that combine continuous-variable control, discrete logic control, and manufacturing
fundamentals. In an attempt to fill the void, this book contains an introductory treatment of the essential topics including analog and digital control, discrete logic control, ladder logic diagrams, manufacturing systems, and production control.The project provides students with hands-on experience in using programmable logic controllers (PLCs), PC-based controllers, and software for equipment interfacing, operation, and communications. The book is intended to be appropriate for junior- or senior-level engineering students or for practicing engineers.

VLSI Test Principles and Architectures
The introduction of new technologies, especially nanometer technologies with 90nm or smaller geometry, has allowed the semiconductor industry to keep pace with increased performance-capacity demands from consumers. This has brightened the prospects for future industry growth; however, new technologies come
with new challenges.In this context, it is important to make sure that undergraduates and practitioners, in addition to graduate students and researchers, are introduced to the variety of problems encountered in semiconductor testing and that they are made aware of the new methods being developed to solve these problems at earlier stages of design.

Designing Mobile Service Systems

Advanced Computer Techniques in Applied Electromagnetics

Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller
Digital electronics is becoming more complex and less accessible to students and low-end project and product developers, microcontrollers have become the tools of choice for learning about electronics and programming as well as providing the capabilities needed to create sophisticated applications cheaply and easily. If you were to look through any electronics magazine, you would discover that almost every example application uses a microcontroller (often abbreviated to just MCU) to provide a user interface, sequence operations, and respond to changing inputs.

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