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Rapid The Electric Generators Handbook, Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering

Radio Communication Handbook, 8th Edition
Chapters vary from the essentials right through to detailed ones on specialist topics. For the experienced radio amateur there are hosts of new ideas, including modern techniques such as microprocessors, surface mount components and computer aids to designing circuits and antennas.

The Electric Generators Handbook
Synchronous generators, provides a comprehensive reference for the topologies, modeling, control, design, and testing of standard and emerging synchronous generator systems. Electric Energy and Electric Generators, Control of Synchronous Generators in Power Systems.

Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering
The scope of this book embraces power systems, substations, cabling, switchgear, power systems protection, overhead lines, project management, planning, regulations, and more... The third edition has been fully updated throughout in line with current IEC and European standards, an approach which has resulted in a thoroughly rewritten chapter on earthing and bonding and significant revisions to the chapters on EMC, insulation coordination and overhead line design.

Wireless Internet Enterprise Applications
This book provides a much-needed overview of the various technologies and business aspects of what is fast becoming a priority for corporate technical and nontechnical staff alike. Industry expert Chetan Sharma provides complete guidance on how to devise and implement a successful wireless Internet business plan, revealing the latest wireless hardware and software trends, solutions, and services.

Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Provides you with the information and insights you need. It delivers an understanding of the underlying problems, and the techniques to develop efficient solutions and maximize network performance.Graduate students, researchers and practitioners needing an overview of the various algorithmic, graph theoretical, computational geometric and probabilistic approach to solving problems in designing these networks will find this an invaluable resource.

Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
The book will enable you to answer vital questions such as: How is the localisation precision dependant on the number of nodes deployed in a corridor? Communications and signal processing engineers, researchers and graduate students working in wireless sensor networks will find this book an invaluable practical guide to this important technology. How many sensors should I distribute to meet the expected requirements of the application?

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