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Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives
eBook contents: Linear Diversity techniques for fading channels, Adaptive Interference suppression, Equalization of multiuser channels, Blind space time signal processing, Network capacity, power control, and effective bandwidth,Architectural principles for multimedia networks, Multiresolution join source channel coding, Underwater acoustic communications.

Wireless Sensor Network Designs
This book introduces networked embedded systems, smart sensors, and wireless sensor networks. The focus of the book is on the architecture, applications, protocols, and distributed systems support for these networks. Wireless sensor networks use new technology and standards. They involve small, energy-efficient devices, hardware/software co-design, and networking support. Wireless sensor networks are becoming an important part of everyday life, industrial and military applications. It is a rapidly growing area as new technologies are emerging, and new applications are being developed. The characteristics of modern embedded systems are the capability to communicate over the networks and to adapt to different operating environments. Designing an embedded system’s digital hardware has become increasingly similar to software design. The wide spread use of hardware description languages and synthesis tools makes circuit design more abstract. A cosynthesis method and prototyping platform can be developed specifically for embedded devices, combining tightly integrated hardware and software components.

Wireless Communications Design Handbook, Vol. 2: Terrestrial and Mobile Interference

One iinporlant aspect of interfcrcncc i n communications systems deals with obtaining not only the right signal, but one with sufficient strength lor the customer. 'I'his scenario brings a considcr;ible number of issues about interference for base (or groiirirl) stations and between ground stations and mobile units. I n addition. iiiitciina design plays an impor-tan1 role in these intcrfcrcncc problems, and some of these designs ;ire discussed herein. The I'irst part of the book addresses base stations, RF communications systems. ;tiid antenna interference problems. Mutual intcrfcrcncc between terrestrial stations above 200 MHz. and especially ahovc 1 GHz ( h r PCS and ccilular). is discussed in cotijunction with interference tinp stations o r satellite car-lh stations. Gciicral interference scenarios and adaptive intcrfcrcncc canccllcrs arc also examined. Attention is shilted in the book to the study 01 popular wireless personal communication devices such as pagers and cellular phones. We not orily discuss the architecture of such devices in fairly good detail (for cellular phones we discuss aialog and digital phone architecture): i n addition. we nddl-ess proper methods lor mottcling antentias and matching networks for pagers and ccllular phones. A certain amount of effort is also spent on GSM, PIX', and IS-54 TDMA architectures. From PCS devices we exlend to thc stucly of base-station antenna pcrformuncc. Among the topics discussed arc basic priiiciplcs and conl'igurations, suitahlc anteitnas for base stations. mid intcrlcrcncc sccnxios among antennas. incliidirig aiitciiiia sclcctivii cnviromncntal factors.

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Embedded Systems - special purpose computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated tasks rather then general purpose computer for multipurpose task is termed as embedded systems

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