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Handbook of Power Quality
The unique character of the book is a well-balanced one between a scientific approach and practical knowledge which can be used in everyday situations by people who have only a fundamental electrical engineering background. To reflect this, one of the first decisions taken by the authors was to illustrate each chapter with a case study of a practical application,
its measurements and solution. This multi-use approach makes the book very comprehensive, practice oriented and attractive for a relatively broad audience: namely, scientists looking for links between their specific domain and other PQ domains; engineers seeking a methodology and information on the identification, analysis and solution of a PQ problem; electricity users who need explanations of different PQ terms and definitions; managers looking for background information on the economic consequences of PQ; and students who require a comprehensive manual covering the whole spectrum of PQ.

Handbook of Energy Engineering 5th Edition
The main difference between standards, codes and regulations is an increasing level of enforceability of the various design parameters. A group interested parties, vendors, trade organizations, engineers, designers, citizens, etc. may develop a standard in order to assure minimum levels of performance. The standard acts as a suggestion to those parties involved, but is not enforceable until it is codified by a governing body.

Handbook of advanced electronic and photonic materials and devices

Polyconjugated carbon chains consist of alternating single and double bond. The electrons are highly delocalized and easily polarizeble, features that play important roles in the electrical and optical properties of polyconjugated systems, making them rather different from conventional electronic systems. Moreover, the intrinsic quasi-one-dimensional nature and the extent of both intra and interchain delocatlization of electrons are important for the structural, electrical, and optical properties of polyconjugated systems.

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