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Harmonics and Power Systems
This book provides a compilation of the most important aspects on harmonics in a way that I consider adequate for the reader to better understand the subject
matter. An introductory description on the definition of harmonics along with analytical expressions for electrical parameters under nonsinusoidal situations is provided in Chapter 1 as a convenient introductory chapter. This is followed in Chapter 2 by descriptions of the different sources of harmonics that have become concerns for the electric industry. Industrial facilities are by far the major producers of harmonic currents. Most industrial processes involve one form or another of power conversion to run processes that use large direct current (DC) motors or variable frequency drives. Others feed large electric furnaces, electric welders, or battery chargers, which are formidable generators of harmonic currents. How harmonic current producers have spread from industrial to commercial and residential facilities — mostly as a result of the proliferation of personal computers and entertaining devices that require rectified power — is described. Additionally, the use of energy-saving devices, such as
electronic ballasts in commercial lighting and interruptible power supplies that provide voltage support during power interruptions, makes the problem even larger.

High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; Fundamentals, Design and Applications

History of Semiconductor Engineering
Anyone who knows anything about engineering would agree that engineers play critical, ubiquitous roles in sustaining our nation’s international competitiveness, in maintaining our standard of living, in ensuring a strong national security, in improving our health, and in protecting public safety. The word “engineer” comes from the same Latin word ingenium as the words “genius” and “ingenious.” I cannot think of any other profession that affects our lives in so many vital, significant ways. Engineers believe in numbers, in the laws of physics, laws of nature; yes, engineers are too analytical and too logical! An attorney would characterize these traits as negative or undesirable qualities, yet I believe they are essential to innovation and progress, and they are qualities of the people who contribute most to our society.

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