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Soldering in Electronics Assembly
Electronics assembly is about components that are soldered onto a printed circuit board. Soldering, as a principle in electronics assembly, is straightforward and simple m two metal surfaces (component termination and a connecting pad on printed circuit board track) are joined by metallic bonds created by molten solder between them. Solder joints are supported by the solder when it solidifies, and the solder allows electrical contact between metals in the joints. Surface mounted components are changing, they are becoming smaller and lighter and in the case of ICs due to the increased demands of functionality, they also have a greater number of leads. This dimensional and weight change is driven by the increase in demand of portable products. Table I shows the growth in unit terms for portable products over the coming years.

Switch-Mode Power Supplies Spice Simulations and Practical Designs

Scalar Waves
The potential vortices are calculated and their properties are discussed and interpreted. For the purpose of proving their existence, on the one hand the Schrodinger equation will be derived and on the other hand the quantum properties of the most important elementary particles will be calculated and compared with the well-known measured values. Measurement and calculation are in excellent agreement for weight, charge, magnetic moment and spin. So the theory not only proofs it's correctness, in addition it demonstrates it can achieve much more. The theory takes us to the unification of the wellknown interactions and physical phenomena and shows itself as an unified theory. In the practical conversion and usage of the theory there will not only be informed but by all means also be provoked as an entrance in a fruitfully discussion. Fundamental questions will be taken up like: What is information, energy, temperature or smell? The connection to the theme of the electromagnetic environmental compatibility is formed by the technical and the biological usage of the potential vortices, the energy transmission of Nikola Tesla exactly like the in a similar way functioning nerve conduction. Here we already can expect biological reactions.

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