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The Technician's Radio Reciever Handbook, Understanding Automotive Electronics, RF Circuit Design

Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PICBASIC
This book informative and challenging, not to mention enjoyable. Everything in here was learned the hard way—by trial and error. Microchip has some great components and the PicBasic compiler makes it easy for everyone to become an embedded Basic designer."

RF Circuit Design
The Basics: Wires, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transistors: Materials, Y Parameters, S Parameters, RF Power Amplifiers: Automatic Shutdown Circuitry , Broadband Transformers, Practical Winding Hints.

The Technician's Radio Reciever Handbook
Use of wireless and telecommunication technology has increased dramatically over the past decade, leaving many technicians and other communications professionals with the need for accurate information on how the newest equipment works.

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming
The book on multicore programming, the new paradigm of computer science, Source codes includes examples, models, exercises, PowerPoint slides, and sample Java programs.

Understanding Automotive Electronics
Including advanced suspension, electronically controlled electric power steering, 4-wheel steering and electronically controlled electric brakes. The braking systems are part of an integrated motion.

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