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Characteristics Of Power Line Electrical Conductors Facts and Tables

We usually used ACSR wire for primary and neutral line while we used AAC All Aluminun Conductor wire for secondary line. And most common size of wire that we used is no. 2 acsr wire to be used for rural electrification or small and large industrial and 336.4 acsr for mainline/feeder line. For secondary line we used always #2 aac wire that is for rural or residential household. But for the specific conductor designated transformers like 100 KVA we used 336.4 aac, 50 KVA 4/0 aac wire, 2/0 aac wire for 25 KVA wire and #2 aac wire for 10 kva transformer for service drop only.

All-aluminum conductor (AAC)
Aluminum grade 1350-H19 AAC
has the highest conductivity-to-weight ratio of all overhead conductors.

Aluminum conductor, steel reinforced (ACSR)
Because of its high mechanical strength-to-weight ratio, ACSR has equivalent or higher ampacity for the same size conductor (the kcmil size designation is determined by the cross-sectional area of the aluminum; the steel is neglected). The steel adds extra weight, normally 11 to 18% of the weight of the conductor. Several different strandings are available to provide different strength levels. Common distribution sizes
of ACSR have twice the breaking strength of AAC. High strength means the conductor can withstand higher ice and wind loads. Also, trees are less likely to break this conductor.

All aluminum alloy conductor (AAAC)
This alloy of aluminum, the 6201-T81 alloy, has high strength and equivalent ampacities of AAC or ACSR. AAAC finds good use in coastal areas where use of ACSR is prohibited because of excessive corrosion.

Aluminum Conductor, Alloy Reinforced (ACAR)
Strands of aluminum 6201-T81 alloy are used along with standard 1350 aluminum. The alloy strands increase the strength of the conductor. The strands of both are the same diameter, so they can be arranged in a variety of configurations.

Characteristics of All Aluminum Conductors (AAC)

Characteristics of Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR)

Characteristic of Steel Conductors

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