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Complete Wireless Design, Waveguide Circuits, Networking Devices, Fiber Optics Technician's Manual

Closing the Gap Between ASIC & Custom
Tools and Techniques for High-Performance ASIC Design, Understand our enthusiasm when we spotted STMicroelectronics work on the design of the 520MHZ.

Complete Wireless Design
At microwave frequencies the lengths of all component leads have to be minimized in order to decrease losses due to lead inductance, while even the board traces that connect these passive components must be converted to transmission line structures.

Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, Components, and Systems
This book is intended to provide a comprehensive coverage of the analysis and applications of coplanar waveguides to microwave circuits and antennas for graduate students in electrical engineering and for practicing engineers.

Data Communications Networking Devices
Operation, Utilization and LAN and WAN Internetworking, covering wide area networks and local area networks provides reader new to the field.

Data Conversion Handbook
Circuits used in data acquisition systems are often connected to external sensors and are therefore subject to overvoltage conditions. The section on Overvoltage Protection in Chapter 9 includes a discussion of the impact of overvoltage on ICs as well as methods for protecting critical analog circuits.

Deep-submicron CMOS circuit design Simulator in hands
Dedicated to radio-frequency analog cells, with details on mixers, voltage-controlled oscillators, fast phase-lock-loops and power amplifiers. Chapter Thirteen focuses on analog-to-digital and digital to analog converter principles.

Delmar Digital Signal Processing
If the signal is noisy, then filtering the signal to reduce the amplitudes of the noise frequencies improves signal quality.

Delmar Fiber Optics Technician's Manual
system was a series of semaphores mounted on towers, where human operators relayed messages from one tower to the next. It beat hand-carried messages hands down, but by the mid-19th century it was replaced by the electric telegraph, leaving a scattering of “telegraph hills” as its most visible legacy.

The mobile workforce has also tremendously increased in size. Mobile workers expect to be able to use the Internet while on the move. However, the data handling capabilities of second-generation systems are limited.

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