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Robotic Exploration and Landmark Determination, Electricity Seven, Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis

Robotic Exploration and Landmark Determination
Hardware-Efficient Algorithms and FPGA Implementations, This book presents hardware-efficient algorithms and FPGA implementations for two robotic tasks, namely exploration and landmark determination. The work identifies scenarios for mobile robotics where parallel processing and selective shutdown offered by FPGAs are invaluable.

Flight Stability and Automatic Control

The author makes good effort of explaining procedures without resorting to function calls from some software package. The last of the book devotes relatively little space to modern control theory.

Electricity Seven
Each volume covers a given area of knowledge, which in itself is complete, but also prepares a student for ensueing volumes.

Digital Systems Design Using VHDL
Integrates the use of the industry-standard hardware description language VHDL into the digital design process. Following a review of basic concepts of logic design.

Digital Systems Design with VHDL and Synthesis

Focuses on the ultimate product of the design cycle: the implementation of a digital design. Many of the design techniques and considerations illustrated in the text are examples of actual real-world designs.

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