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Full-Chip Nanometer Routing Techniques , Practical MMIC Design, Digital Alias-free Signal Processing

Full-Chip Nanometer Routing Techniques
From a manufacturability standpoint, nanometer routers must explicitly deal with the ever increasing design complexity, and be capable of adapting to the constraint requirements of timing, signal integrity, process antenna effect, and new interconnect architecture such as X-architecture.

Practical MMIC Design
Are used in a host of electronics from cellular phones and global positioning systems to missile systems and radar. They are prized for their high performance and reliability, but they can be costly and highly difficult to produce. Proper design is the key to minimizing these problems.

Selected Readings on Telecommunication and Networking

supplements course instruction and student research with quality chapters focused on key issues concerning the planning, design, maintenance, and management of telecommunications and networking technologies. Containing over 30 chapters from authors across the globe, these selected readings in areas such as collaborative technologies, virtual teams, and wireless systems

RFID in Logistics: A Practical Introduction

Survey RFID applications in entertainment, credit devices, wireless communications, healthcare, and libraries. Learn about both active and passive system components testing models, Examine best practices for integrating RFID technology into the supply chain.

Digital Alias-free Signal Processing
This book provides practical and comprehensive coverage of the theory and techniques behind alias-free digital signal ideal for practising engineers and researchers working on the development of digital signal processing applications at extended frequencies. It is also a valuable reference for electrical and computer engineering graduates taking courses in signal processing or digital signal processing.

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