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Linear Circuit Design Handbook
Contents: The op Amp, Other Linear Circuits, Sensors, RF/IF Circuits, Fundamentals of Sampled data systems, Converters, Passive components, Overvoltage effects on analog intergrated circuits, Printed circuit board design issues.

Principle and Applications of Electrical Engineering
Contents: Ac Power, power in AC circuits, power factor, The ideal transformer, three phase power, balanced wye delta, residential wiring, transient analysis, semiconductors and diodes, Electrical conduction in semiconductor devices, Frequency Respose and system concepts, transistor fundamentals, transistor as amplifiers and switches, Digital logic circuits, power electronics, digital systems, electronics instrumentation and measurements, principles of electromechanics, Introduction to electric machines, Introduction to communication systems.

Modern Component Families
Contents: Voltage References and Voltage Regulators, Operational Amplifiers, Data Converters, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, What is a System,Digital Signal Processors, Light-Emitting Diodes and Photosensors,Sensors,Nonlinear Devices, Rechargeable Batteries and Their Management, Programmable Logic Devices.

Robots Androids Animators
12 Incredible projects you can build, why build robots, purpose of robots, artificial life and artificial intelligence, power, movement and drive systems, sensors, light sensors, why use a microcontroller, speech controlled mobile robot, walker robots,solar ball robot.

Intermodulation Distortion in Microwave and Wireless Circuits
Contents: Signal Perturbation, Overview of Nonlinear Distortion Phenomena, Total Harmonic Distortion Characterization, Relation Between Multitone and Two-Tone Test Results, Nonlinear Analysis Techniques for Distortion Prediction, Nonlinear Device Modeling, Electron Device Models for Nonlinear Distortion Prediction, Diodes and Other Semiconductor Junctions, Field Effect Transistors,Highly Linear Circuit Design,Linear Power Amplifier Design.

Contents: SYSTEM CONSIDERATIONS, MATHEMATICAL PRELIMINARIES, Fourier Series Frequency Domain Representations, Effect of BPF Phase Response on Angle and Amplitude Modulation, OPTIMAL DECISION THEORY, CLOCK RECOVERY, Parasitic-Delay Insensitive Clock Recovery Schemes, PRACTICAL HIGH-SPEED CLOCK RECOVERY, CIRCUIT DESIGN, HETEROJUNCTION BIPOLAR TRANSISTORS, Calculations of Noise in Linear Circuits, VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATORS, Circuit-Level Simulations.

Industrial Control
Contents: Sensors, Servo Control, Sstems Modelling, Real Time Control Platform, Computer Interface, Computer Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Sequential Logic, Control Components,Motor Drives, Industrial Electronic.

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