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Implementing Bluetooth Wireless Technology In An Embedded Device
Provides a novel approach toward eliminating the inconvenience associated with wired communication. Implementing such solutions however can be fraught with difficulty given the design freedom that is concomitant with embedded systems development.

Implementing Wireless Networks
Contents: High-Speed Wireless Data: System Types, Standards-Based and Proprietary Solutions, Basic Radio and RF Concepts, RF Generation and Transmission, Power Amplifiers, Propagation, Path Loss, Fading and Link Budgets, Propagation Modeling and Measuring, System Planning, System Implementation, Testing and Optimization, Network Monitoring and Control, Network Performance Testing and Troubleshooting.

Basic TV Technology
Book contents: The Atom and Electricity, Basic Circuits, Units and Measurements, Field and Noise, Abbreaviations kilo, mega, giga, milli, micro, nano, Cathode ray tubes, An Introduction to Digital, Analog and Digital, Digital Encoding ratio, Analog, Sync Generators, Video Switchers, Digital Special Effects, Digital Video recorder, Computer graphics for video, Digital audio workstations.

Digital Signal Processing and Application
Contents: The history of digital signal processing, Digital signal processing, Digital control system, digital to analog conversion, fuzzy logic, modulation, programming digital signal processors.

Book contents: Basic Electricity, the electric circuits, voltage, current, and resistance, ohm's law, circuit type, reversing circuits, Basic mechanics, simple machines, power source, direct current, alternating current, three phase, batteries, dry cells, Electrical controls, Manual switches, switch actions, push buttons, Magnetic components, electromotive force, transformers, rotating components, heating, inductive heating, circuit protection, circuit breakers, connectors, wire and conductors, common wire types, acoustic devices.

Contents: Introduction to Microcontrollers, Flash Microcontroller Board, Simulation Software, Analog functions, Analog comparators, Project Applications, speed control of a small DC motor.

Practical and Ethernet Networking
Contents: Data communicatios, Transmitter, recievers and communication channels, types of communication channels, communications channel properties, data transmission modes, encoding methods, networks fundamentals, ethernet networks, fast and gigabit ethernet systems, Application layer protocols, LAN system components, The internet.

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