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Free pdf file introduction to bluetooth, CPLD and FPGA Design, RF Equiptment and System Design, RF propagation, Sound Processing, Telecommunications

Introduction to Bluetooth
Technology, Market, Operation, Profile and Service, Bluetooth is a standardized technology that is used to create temporary (adhoc) short-range wireless communication systems.For unlicensed use, radio transmission is authorized for all users provided the radio equipment conforms to unlicensed requirements. Anyone can use the unlicensed frequency band but there is no guarantee they will perform at peak performance due to possible interference.

Introduction to CPLD and FPGA Design
The first sections of this paper deals with the internal architecture and characteristics of these devices. Programmable logic devices are described in an overview, leading up to a detailed description of the Field Programmable Gate Array.Programmable Logic Arrays, the hardware designer wanted something that gave him or her the flexibility and complexity of an ASIC but with the shorter turn-around time of a programmable device.

Introduction to RF Equipment and System Design
Contents: Frequency, Power, RF Transmission Lines, Effects of the Baseband Signal, Nonelectrical Factors, Interference Problems in Microwave Links, Circuits and Components for System Evaluations and Design, Power Dividers and Combiners, Upconverters/Downconverters, Antenna Selection Criteria, Coaxial Cables, Block Diagram, RF Measuring Instrumentation, High-Power HF VNA,Test Instrumentation for Air Navigation Facilities.

Contents: Frequency Designations,Propagation Effects as a Function of Frequency, Electromagnetics and RF Propagation, The Electric Field, Electromagnetic Waves in a Perfect Dielectric, Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves at Material, Antenna Fundamentals, Communication Systems and the Link Budget, The Radar Range Equation, Rain Attenuation of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Signals, Satellite Communications.

Introduction to Sound Processing
Contents: Systems, Sampling and Quantization, Digital Filters, Frequency warping, Delays and Effects, Sound Analysis, Sound Modelling, Mathematical Fundamentals, Tools for Sound Processing, Sound Intensity, Spatial sound perception.

Introduction to Telecommunications Network Engineering
Contents: Introduction to Telecommunications, What Is Telecommunications?, Significance of Telecommunications, The Telecommunications Network: An Overview, Transmission, Switching, Signaling, Operation of a Conventional Telephone, Signaling Functions, Traffic Engineering, Signals Carried over the Network, Analog and Digital Signals and Systems, Frequency and Bandwidth, Analog Signals over Digital Networks, Power Levels of Signals and Decibels, Decibel, Gain, and Loss, Basic Concept of a Transmission System, Elements of a Transmission System, Optical Fiber Cables, Copper Cables, Mobile Communications, Operating Principle of a Cellular Network, Principles of Data Communications, Circuit and Packet Switching, Circuit Switching, Wireless Communications.

Introduction to Wireless Local Loop
Contents: What is Wireless Local Loop?, Why a book on wireless local loop?, The Converging World of Telephony, TV, and Computers, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Access via mobile radio, Why Wireless?, Telecommunications Environments Worldwide, The Economics of Wireless Versus Fixed, Technical Information About Wireless, Wideband channels, Wireless Radio Technologies, The Cellular Technologies.

Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Wave Propagation, Radio Wave Propagation, Principles of Transmission Lines, Antennas, provides beginners with fundamental electrical and electronic concepts through self-study. The presentation of this series is not oriented to any specific rating structure, but is divided into modules containing related information organized into traditional paths of instruction.

IP Storage Networking
Inside the books: Network-Attached Storage, Storage Network Management,Data Coordination, Placing Storage Intelligence, Network Control Points, IP Storage Network Scenarios, MAN and WAN Services, Estimating the Effects of Network Latency on Applications Performance, IT Service Recovery Strategy: Best Opportunity for Success.

Contents: Digital Television Transmission Standards, Performance Objectives for Digital Television, Channel Coding and Modulation for Digital Television, Transmitters for Digital Television, Radio-Frequency Systems for Digital Television, Transmission Line for Digital Television, Transmitting Antennas for Digital Television, Radio-Wave Propagation, Test and Measurement for Digital Television.

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