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Free eBooks Microwave circuits, Wireless Communication, Analog and RF CMOS circuits Design, Broadband, Wireless, Optical Networking Components.

Microwave Circuit Modeling Using Electromagnetic Field Simulation
Contents: CAD of Passive Components, Circuit-Theory-Based CAD, Solution Time for Circuit Theory and Field Theory, Numerical Electromagnetics, Alternative Classifications, Moment Method Simulators, Finite Element Method Simulators,Numerical Methods Summary, Computing Impedance, Digital Edge-Launch Connectors, Backward Wave Couplers, Other Microwave Filters,

Microwave Resonanators and Filters for Wireless Communication
Theory, Design and Application, The purpose of this book si to provide general information and basic design procedures for filters applied to wireless communication systems, to illustrate to availability and introduce actual design examples of the stepped impedance resonator, to propose a more genearal concept for transmission line resonators.

Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
Contents : An Introduction to mm-Wave Integrated Circuits, High Frequency Materials and Technology, Electrical Characteristics of Ideal High-Frequency Semiconductor meterial, High Power Generation at mm-Wave Frequencies using FET, Practical Monolithic Transceiver.

Device Modeling for Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Design

Contents: MOSFET Device Physics and Operation, MOSFET Fabrication, RF Modeling, Noise Modeling, Proper Modeling for Accurate Distortion Analysis, The BSIM4 MOSFET Model,Bipolar Transistors in CMOS Technologies, Modeling of Passive Devices, Capacitors, Effects and Modeling of Process Variation and Device Mismatch, circuit designers are faced with the relentless challenge of staying updated on the properties, potentials, and the limitations of the latest device technology and device models. This is especially true for designers of analog and radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits, where the sensitivity to the modeling details and the interplay between individual devices is more acute than for digital electronics.

Contents: Digital Signal Processing, Design for low power, Sources of power consumption, Asynchronous circuit styles, Latch controllers for low power asynchronous circuits, Design flow, Instruction fetch and the instruction buffer, Instruction decode and index register substitution, Functional unit design, Power and performance testing, Improving overall functional unit efficiency.

Contents: WHAT IS A BROADBAND NETWORK?, Transmission Types: Advantages and Disadvantages, TRANSMISSION CONCEPTS, Digital and Analog: What Are They?, FIBER BROADBAND NETWORK, METALLIC BROADBAND, Wireless Broadband Implementations, What Is 3G?, Satellite Communications Systems, NETWORK SIGNALING FORMATS, COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS, BROADBAND CONVERGENCE,

Wireless for A to Z
Air-Ground Radiotelephone Service, Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service, Data Compression, Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution, Cell Sites, Federal Communications Commission, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, Hertz, Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, Laser Transmission, Satellite Communications, Ultra Wideband, Wireless Application Protocol.

Deploying Optical Networking Components
Contents: Optical Networking and Basic Terminology, Light as an Electromagnetic Wave, Power Measurements, Basics of Electromagnetic Waves, Metallic Media Transmission Rate Constraints, Optical Media Transmission Rate Constraints, Understanding Optical Fiber, Optical Fiber Metrics and Terms, Light Sources and Detectors, Fiber in the LAN, Fiber in the WAN, Fiber in the Neighborhood, The Cable TV Distribution System, Fiber in the Building, Fiber-Optic Multiplexers.

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