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what is load transfer ?

During maintenance and upgrading on overhead or underground transmission line we need to off the line and work on the specific area but what if, if has a big customers to interrupt its also a bigamount of money from the company wasted. So therefore there is a sulotion called the interruption free load transfers. But first, what is a load transfer? Load transfers are when power is transferred from
one source to another, and this usually happens during maintenance works and/or upgrades made on a certain substation. Think of it this way, you plug your TV to outlet A and turn it on. Now, you need to work on outlet A, so you turn off the TV, transfer the plug to outlet B, and then turn it back on. This way, you can work on outlet A and still you can enjoy watching the TV being supplied now by outlet B.

this means temporarily interrupting electric service for a number of customers in order for the transfers to take place. Normally, these transfers will require two power interruptions of about 15 minutes each, one before the work and one after. Because of the collective experience

Going back to our analogy, this would roughly imply that we plugged the TV to outlet B (thereby being supplied by both outlet A and B) before we unplugged it from outlet A to prevent any interruption. (CAUTION! This is a rough ANALOGY, please don’t try this at home!) There are a lot of technical requirements to make this happen, and thus, all parameters should be checked, re-checked, and computed to measure its workability. If this is not done with caution, damages could be large.

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