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KELMAN - Transport X Portable Dissolve Gas Analyzer

The deterioration of electrical equipment is normal, and this process begins as soon as the equipment is installed. If this negative impact of the equipment is not checked, it can cause electrical failures and malfunctions. To carry out the successful operation of electrical equipment, it is essential to have effective and
reliable test equipment.

Lately our company buy a new generation test equipment worth P 3.1 million, the KELMAN - Transport X Portable Dissolve Gas Analyzer. A portable and user-friendly
field proven technology, this is used for dissolved gas and moisture analysis of oil-filled equipment. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is an established technique and recognized as the most important test in monitoring power transformers. It is being successfully extended to oil-filled equipment such as tap-changers and circuit breakers. Transport X uses Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy to achieve unprecedented performance for DGA equipment. This process involves the production of images utilizing sound waves that produce spectra for visible electromagnetic radiation. This device represents invaluable commodity for asset management such as:

· Accurate & Sensitive - wide
detection ranges with excellent
accuracy for all relevant gases.

· Moisture Analysis - gives
measurement of water content
in oil.

· Simple & Fast - extremely
easy step-by-step operation
with no extensive calibration setup
or interpretation required; onsite
results in a matter of minutes.

· No Consumables - no
calibration gases or carrier

· Portable & Rugged - weighs
10 kg. (22 lbs.) in a rugged
convenient carry case.

· Reliable - engineered design
provides inherent reliability.

· DGA Diagnostics - includes
DGA diagnostic algorithms
Roger’s Ratios, Duval’s
Triangle, and IEEE Key Gas;
also has a user-settable caution
and warning threshold on all
gases; analyzes the condition of
the transformer.

· Test Gas Samples - ability
to test gas samples taken from
Buchholz Relays.

· PC Software - includes
transport Pro PC software
package to allow storage,
exporting, trending, and analysis
of results.

The different combustible
gases that can be detected by
this test equipment are:

1. Hydrogen is a gaseous colorless and odorless highly flammable chemical element
2. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless very poisonous gas formed by the incomplete burning of carbon.
3. Carbon Dioxide is a heavy colorless gas that does not support combustion.
4. Methane is a colorless and odorless flammable gas produced by decomposition of organic matter.
5. Acetylene is a colorless flammable gas used as a fuel (as in welding & soldering).
6. Ethane is a colorless and odorless gaseous hydrocarbon found in natural gas.
7. Ethylene is colorless flammable gas found in coal gas or obtained from petroleum.
8. Water in form, or secrete water, or watery matter.

I believes that having the KELMAN - Transport X Portable Dissolved Gas Analyzer will help the company maximize its valuable assets, reduce related costs, improve the safety of personnel and property, and, most of all, increase productivity.

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