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All About Electrolysis and Batteries Facts and Tutorials

1. The two main defects of the primary cells are local action and polarization.
2. Local action in the primary cell can be rectified by amalgamating the zinc electrode with mercury.
3. One factor affecting voltages of the primary cell is the types of plates and electrolyte.
4. Distilled or approved water is used in electrolytes because it prevents or slows down local action.
5. In electroplating, the positive electrode is called the anode.
6. The mass of an ion liberated at an electrode is directly proportional to the quantity of electricity which passes through the electrolyte. This statement is associated with laws of electrolysis.
7. The mass of material deposited over an electrode is proportional to quantity of electricity and electro chemical equivalent.
8. The condition of a secondary cell can be determined by the terminal voltage and strength of the electrolyte.
9. Nickle-cadium dry cell is becoming popular in power supplies for electronic calculators because it is rechargeable.
10. One advantage of a secondary cell is that it can be recharged.
11. Cell are connected in parallel to increase the current capacity.
12. Cells are connected in series to increase voltage output.
13. To obtain a high voltage of about 1.9 volts from a dry cell on would use magnesium cell.
14. While charging a battery, charge the battery in an airy room, remove the vent plugs during charging, keep flames etc. away from the battery and keep the charging current rate not more that 3 to 6 amperes.
15. If the internal resistance of a discharged battery is more it is not desirable to leave a lead storage battery in a discharged state for a long time mainly because plates will become sulphated.
16. To keep the terminals of a lead acid storage battery free from corrosion, it si advisable to keep the electrolyte level low.
17. If a sixty ampere hours battery has sixty seven ampere discharge rate, it will provide a current of six amperes for ten hours.
18. The ampere hour capacity of battery depends on the area of the plates.
19. Electrolyte of a storage battery is formed by adding suphuric acid to water.
20. Other types of accumulators besides the lead acid type are nickle cadmium batteries.
21. Electro-chemical equivalent is mass of the element liberated per unit of quantity of hydrogen.
22. Impurities in an electrolyte can cause an internal short circuit condition called local action.
23. The action of a dry cell is to change chemical action to electrical energy.
24. Polarization in dry cell can be got rid of by chemical means.
25. Gassing occurs in the process of charging an accurnuiator.

Terms used in Electrolysis

The plate or electrode through which the current enters the electrolyte or it may be defined as the plate or electrode connected to the positive terminal of supply.


The ions having negative charge are known as anions.

An atom is the smallest particle of matter which takes part in a chemical action.

Atomic weight
The atomic weight of an element is the relative weight of its atom compared with that of an atom of hydrogen. The atomic weight of H atom is taken as unity.

The plate or electrode through which the current leaving the electrolyte or the plates connected to the negative terminal of supply mains.

The ions having positive charge are known as cations.

Chemical equivalent
The chemical equivalent of an element is the mass which is chemically equivalent to a unit mass of hydrogen.

When the current is passed through electrolyte, the electrolyte gets chemically decomposed, molecules of the electrolyte splits up into two parts known an ions.

The molecule is the smallest particle of any substance which is capable of separate existence in a chemical form.

The valency of an element is the number of hydrogen atoms with which it will combine or with which it will replace in a compound.


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