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25 Tips You Need To Know About Current Electricity Engineering

1. The curve representing Ohm's law in linear.
2. The condition in Ohm's Law is that the temperature should remain constant.
3. The Ohm's Law can be applied with certain reservations to electrolytes.
4. The presence of an electric current is made known by the effects produced.
5. An electric current can neither be seen nor touched.
6. Three important effects produced by the presence of a current heating, magnetic and electric shock.
7. Thermistor has negative coefficient of resistance.
8. International ohm is defined in terms of resistance of a column of mercury.
9. Resistors commonly used in power circuits are wire wound resistors.
10. When current flows through a heater coil it glows but the supply wiring does not glow because the resistance of heater coil is more than that of supply wires.
11. If the voltage applied across an electric press is reduced by 50 percent, the power consumed by the press will be reduced by is 25 percent.
12. In a parallel circuit the potential difference across the resistance is always constant.
13. In a series circuit the current is constant.
14. Voltage applied across a circuit acts as a force.
15. The resistance of carbon filament in carbon-filament lamps increases when its temperature is decreased.
16. The heating effect of current has an undesirable side effect in a vacuum cleaner.
17. When current flows in a conductor, the heat is produced because of inter atomic collision.
18. The temperature coefficient of a conductor is defined as the increase in resistance per ohm pwer degree centigrade.
19. The value of Joule's mechanical equivalent of heat,is equal of 4.2 Joules per calorie.
20. It was experimentally found by James Precott Joule that the heat produced in a current carrying conductor is proportional to the square of current.
21. The resistance of a conductor increases when its temperature is increased.
22. The specific resistance, depends upon the nature of the material of the conductor only.
23. Resistance of a conductor increases when its length increases.
24. The resistance of conductor is the hindrance by which the conductor opposes the flow of the current.
25. The minimum requirements to cause the flow of current are a voltage source and a conductor


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