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All About Electronics Binary Numbers Tutorials

In digital system, however, only the digits 0 and 1 are used. This system is also known as binary system. It has a radix of 2. The binary system is used because digital circuits operate with square wave pulse waveforms that have only two amplitudes  HIGH and LOW or ON and OFF.
There are many application of digital electronics in addition to the natural function of counting pulses. Even audio and video information can be converted into digital form for transmitting long distances and then reconverted to pulses. The advantage of digital circuits is the excellent signal to noise ratio.Binary to Decimal Conversion The process of converting from binary to decimal just involves counting the place values for base 2. From right to left, they are 1,2,4,8,16, 32,64, 128. etc. all in power of 2.

Binary Logic Gates
Logic gates are circuits the output voltage of which can be predicted from the conditions at the input.

Electronics Address
The rules of binary additions are:
0 + 0 = 0
0 + 1 = 1
1 + 0 = 1
We cannot have 1 + 1 = 2 in binary system. It is 1 + 1 = 0  plus carry of 1 to the next position towards left. This addition with carry in can take place in any column except the 1's place.

Half Address
Electronics address are constructed from logic gates to add binary numbers. A half adder combines 0 and 1 with carry of 1 to the next place, if required, but it has no terminal for carry in.

The Full Address
A full address has the provision for carry in and carry out. A full adder if formed by using two half adders and an OR gate. The output of the OR gate forms the carry out output. The full adder is for binary additions in all places except the 1's place.

The flip flop or FF is a basic digital circuit having memory characteristic that can be used to store information. The circuit is bistable multivibrator that stays in one state until switched to the opposite state. The two outputs Q and Q are always opposite as HIGH and LOW logic levels.
The main types of flip flops are the R_S, with set and reset input terminals, D, and J_K. Clock input pulses are often used in the toggle mode, in which the Q and Q outputs are reversed by each clock input puslse.

Digital Electronics Question and Answer
1. Binary 111111 represents Decimal 51
2. Binary 1000 when subtracted from binary 1111, the result will be 111
3. Decimal 0.875 is represented in binary system as .111
4. The bolean expression for AND gates is A.B = Y
5. Integrated circuit logic gates contain the properties are resistors, diodes bipolar junction transistor
6. The abbreviation DTL stands for diode transistor logic
7. The basic DTL configuration is NAND gate
8. The schottky TTL, a Schottky diode is used primarily to
9. A schottky diode has no minority carriers and very low voltage drop in forward direction
10. In a RS flip flop no change occurs during disabled mode
11. In a digital counter the number of flips is equal to the number of bits required in the final binary count.
12. A temporary memory is destroyed when power is switch off
13. PROM is programmable read only memory
14. A digital voltage has anlog input and digital output
15. LCD display represents liquid crystal display

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