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Basic electricity Theory and Tutorials pdf link free download

Electrical Studies for Trades
Discussion of general wiring practices and circuit protectors, as well as an introduction to transformers and three phase and single phase motors, rounds out the comprehensive coverage.

Basic Electricity
Electricity is defined as the movement of electrons from one atom to another. In order to understand electricity a basic explanation of the atom is needed. Electrons - Negatively charged particles orbiting around a nucleus. Protons - Positively charged particles in the nucleus. Neutrons - Uncharged particles in the nucleus that stabilize the protons.

University of Manchester
The intention of this lecture is to describe basic electrical characteristics in a qualitative way.
The objectives are provide some basic knowledge of analogue electronics, to give some “feel” for electronic effects on digital circuits

Battery Tender
Charge Polarity, Charge Polarity, Ohm's Law, Battery Chargers and Batteries, Nominal Voltage Ratings, Resistance, Charging a battery, equivalent of Electric Circuits, Time required to charge battery.

Electrical Circuit Theory
Introduce basic wiring diagram symbols, show how series parallel circuits are used on the vehicle, introduce the basic electrical diagnostic tools, review the components of a basic automotive electrical circuits, review the basic electrical concepts of voltages, amperage, and resistance.

Basic Principles and Functions of Electrical Machines
In the synchronous machine, direct current is supplied to the rotor and Alternating Current (A.C.) flows in the stator. On the other hand, a D.C. machine is a machine that is excited from D.C. sources only or that itself acts as a source of D.C. [5]. It is a common practice in industry to employ A.C. motors whenever they are inherently suitable or can be given appropriate characteristics by means of power electronics devices.

Basic Electrical Measurements
Voltmeters read across the circuit or load under test. This means that typical readings are taken with the
circuit in operation. In fact, it would be meaningless to measure the voltage across a load that was not in operation because the result should be zero volts. Right? There is, however, validity in measuring the
open circuit supply voltage as well as the supply potential when under load. This measurement will tell us just how much the load is effecting the supply.

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