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Frequent Question and Answer on Nuclear Power plant Elecrical Engineering

 We need to fully understand about the very popular, hottiest topic right now.
It's answers almost all question about nuclear power plant from easiest to hardest.

Radiation Related Asked Question
How much is too much radiation?, What is the danger of dental x rays?, What are the different types of radioactive decay?, What radiation dangers are there in television viewing?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy?
What would be the major causes and effects of sea level rise What are its human dimensions?
Is nuclear fission nonrenewable or renewable energy source?

Positive answer to Nuclear Question
Can nuclear energy be safe? The question has been repeatedly asked in the past weeks, particularly in the wake of the on-going crisis at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant in Japan.

Q and A on the Nuclear Crisis in Japan
How is water currently being pumped into the reactors? Are fire hoses the sole method being used?, If the reactors are still so hot, why can’t they turn the turbines back on to generate electricity just for the plant and get the cooling pumps running? I read that Japan has 55 nuclear reactors on an island country about the size of California.

Questions and answers about nuclear energy
Nuclear energy is experiencing a comeback, We need nuclear energy because we will not have enough energy in the future, Nuclear energy is an infinite source, There are new solutions for dealing with radioactive waste.

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