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Extraordinary Electrical And Electronic Topics

Gathered the extraordinary electronics and electrical topics that would look and see its amazing how's the brilliant ideas minds pops up. Whether we like it or not it's the result of curiosity and experiment as well. Also the talent
as individual person.

Electric Light Shoe
Created for the 2008 Onitsuka Tiger brand campaign, The Electric Light Shoe was the 2nd in the series of iconic sneaker sculptures developed from the agency's ‘Made of Japan’ strategy.

7 Extraordinary Ink Technologies
RFID Ink, Electrically Conductive Ink, Permanent COsmetic Ink, Organic Solar Cell Ink, Electronic Ink, Eco Ink, Artificial Bone Ink, Other applications include using their plastic solar panels on top of car ports and feeding the energy back into the car battery and coating electronic devices so they can
recharge off the grid.

The Electric Pencil
The service provider was a mental hospital in Nevada, Mo. The lined pages are stamped 'Board of Patients Must Be Paid in Advance.
Works by the artist, reproduced from The Drawings of the Electric Pencil, are featured below, along with Ms. Kahn's review.

Benjamin Franklin
An Extraordinary life. An Electric Mind, Born into the family of a Boston candle maker, Benjamin
Franklin became the most famous American of his time.

Extraordinary Electronic SLR Camera
Comparing cameras should come down to the quality of the camera (brand name), reviews (from experts or people who already own the camera), features, warranty and the price. Other elements to consider in your purchase are servicing and repair options, customer support , warranties and optional upgrades.

Best Three Electronic Gadgets
Sunglasses with bluetooth headset and mp3 player, mp4 player cum watch, spy gatgets this is the most considered and high technology gadgets. , Now days, the top main concern in our daily life is our security.

Electric Human
Extraordinary Claim or Dangerous Stunt?, Jose can conduct electrical current through his body to light bulbs and even burn paper with its discharge. In the following video he demonstrates this amazing power. Note that this is not limited to high voltage, low amperage sources like electrostatic generators or small Tesla coils.

Extraordinary Electrical Conductivity
This is understandable, given their high electrical conductivity, and the incredible sharpness of their tip (because the smaller the tip’s radius of curvature, the more concentrated will be an electric field, leading to increased field emission; this is the same reason lightning rods are sharp). The sharpness of the tip also means that they emit at especially low voltage, an important fact for building low-power electrical devices that utilize this feature.

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