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Nuclear Radiation Effects on the Human Body Electrical Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant Incidents - PDF file
Why talk about nuclear power plants?, What plans are in place in case of an emergency?, What is radiation?, What is the potential danger from a nuclearpower plant accident?, How can I protect myself in case of a nuclear power plant accident?, What is the best source of information in case of a nuclear-power plant accident?, Be Prepared for a Nuclear Power Plant Accident.

Radiation Leak
Residents living near Tokaimura, Japan, were reminded of the potential hazards of nuclear-energy when an inexperienced worker at the Tokai uranium processing plant caused an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.

Radiation's effects on human body
Can range from nausea to death,The gastrointestinal system is very sensitive to radiation, leading to nausea and vomiting immediately after exposure. The blood system is often the hardest hit, although antibiotics and transfusions may allow a recovery.

Nuclear Energy: Problems and Dangers
Problem of Waste Disposal, Reactor Safety, Nuclear-Meltdown, The reaction of nuclear-fissions not only produce heat, but they also result into many different reactions, due to the fact that the neutrons are produced as a by-product in the process of making nuclear fission a chain reaction.

Bad Impacts of Nuclear Radiation for Health
Nuclear-reactor leak in Japan caused concerns of the people if there will be nuclear radiation incident as the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986. Nuclear radiation has much impacts, there are impacts felt directly and there are also impacts which will be seen in the long term.

The Hazards of Nuclear Power,
About 80 percent of the American public believes it is more dangerous to generate electricity from nuclear power than from coal. Scientific studies show, however, than coal is many times more dangerous.

Health Effects Models for Nuclear Power Plant
For several decades, there has been interest in predicting the health effects of accidental releases of
radionuelides from nuclearpower plants. In 1975, the U.S. Nuclear-Regulatory Commission (NRC)
issued the Reactor Safety Study, which gave quantitative estimates of the health and economic
consequences of such accidents.

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