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List of Electrical and Electronics Engineering project and experiment

Experiments with Electricity
how to make a battery out of money / how to make a battery out of potatoes, how to make yourself spark / how to light a fluorescent tube without connecting, how to make your tongue into a battery / how to test an electric fence, how to prove there is no black in a television picture / how to prove there is no white in a television picture, how to usual television has a strobe light / how to turn a presenter's face purple.

Electricity and Magnetism Experiment
Static Electricity, build a battery holder, lightning rod, a simple computer, switched circuit, parallel circuit.

Projects by students for students
The lemon experiment, The Voltaic pile, making an electromagnet, charger, some different experiments that teach about electricity that you can do at home. Nick's favorite experiment to do is the one involving lemons.

Surfing Scientist - PDF file
Students experiment with aluminium foil, batteries and cheap, readily availably low voltage light bulbs* to construct a simple conductivity tester. They use their conductivity testers to classify a range of materials as conductors or insulators.

A Quick Battery Holder
This is a quick way to hold wires to the terminals of a AAA or a AA battery for electrical experiments. Two modified clothespins are mounted to a 3/4" thick wood spacer. The clothespin springs maintain pressure on the battery terminals.

Experiments with Frictional Electricity
All the experiments and improvised apparatus work.
I will give details and then you can discover for yourself - a more fun way to learn because from your efforts come results that will stay with you.
As far as possible I will try not to say what happens - try it and see is the message.Do not try any mains or battery powered high voltage supplies.

How to measure motor parameters
In torque experiments one end of the string (heavy-duty thread) was taped to the axle, and the other end was attached to the top of a lever. The bottom end of the lever served as a pointer showing the angle on the dial. A lath was attached to the pointer end. Several holes in the lath were used for adding heavy bolts and nuts as weights to increase the lever resistance.


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