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All About earth hour savings, history, Frequent question, time line

Earth Hour 2010 was the largest voluntary action for the environment in history with lights going out across 128 countries and over 4,500 cities worldwide. Earth Hour 2011 ( march 26, 2011) will again see hundreds of millions of people across all continents come together to celebrate an unambiguous commitment to the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour.

How much Mega Watts or Kilo watts Energy Saves During Eath Hour
1.Last year Vietnam electricity demand fell 500 MWh during Earth Hour, three times larger than the electricity saved in 2009’s Earth Hour. whereas the power consumption in Dubai fell by 146MWh during this hour.
2. Cannada saved about 450 MWh
3. Philippines saved 611MWh in the hour.
4. Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) indicate that 146,000kWh of electricity were saved during Earth Hour, up from 100,000 kWh in 2008.
5. South Africa saves 420MW during Earth Hour links
6. Toronto alone saves 2,347,600 kilowatts from it links
7. Visayas saves 62 MW during Earth Hour links

2009 participation helped save at least 200,000 kilowatts of electricity, according to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

Frequent Asked Question
Almost question about Earh Hour will be answering, from what?, When does take place?, What does people do?, Does this mean I have to turn off everything in my home and use absolutely no electricity?, How long has been going for?, Isn't switching the lights off dangerous? what about the public?, What light can be safely switched off?, What candles should I use?, Will my city completely black out?, If everyone turns their lights back on at the same time will there be a power surge?, Why held on march every last saturday?, How cities,countries, teritories, landmarks took part?, What does a commitment mean?,

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Anonymous said...

Pakistan should be in the list because it always saves energy, as there is no light for 14 or 15 hrs in a day.

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