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Free Relay Substation Guide

Electric Power Systems Cyber Security
The aim of this case study was security analysis of a software interlocking system consisting of mutual interlocking disconnectors, circuit breakers and earthing switches to assure safety of switching operations carried out in a substation during operation and maintenance of the substation.

Relay Protection and Substation Automation
Of Modern Power Systems, the coordination function for the load resistance vectors with the help of load encroachment in the distance protection characteristic’s resistance area. However existed methodical directions for the load encroachment setting calculation do not take into account all the possible worst conditions for the 330 kV transmission network.

Reliability of Substation Protection System
Although the wide use of microcomputer relaying and integrated substation automation system in China has improved operation reliability, there are still many problems in substation protection system, for example, the complex insulation of conventional transducer

Protection and Power System Utilization
In the areas of power system automation and substation automation, there are two parallel trends in different directions: centralization and decentralization. More and more functions are moved from
local and regional control centers toward the central or national control center. At the same time we also observe more and more “intelligence” and “decision-power” moving closer toward the
actual power system process.

Control, Protection and Access to Information
Describes a system concept for integrated control, protection, condition monitoring, condition supervision, asset management and outage management system, which assures higher availability of plants and enhancement of the overall utility performance.

Using Microprocessor Relays
A subsstation is a complete, self contained substation designed to supply a single distribution circuit. Each substation consists of a power transformer
ranging in size from 1000 to 2500 kva and a dedicated low side circuit breaker to provide feeder protection and contrl.

How to Draw a Sequence Diagram
A sequence diagram has two dimensions: the vertical dimension represents time and the horizontal dimension represents the objects participating in the interaction. Time flows from top to bottom. Objects (or classifier roles, more generally) are shown as vertical lines (called lifelines) and messages as horizontal arrows extending from a sender object to a receiver object.

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