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All about electronic microchip How it works?

What is microchip and how does it works? is most frequent question in tackling about electronics and  electrical world. According to some site A microchip is a small semiconductor used to relay information through specific electrical characteristics. Other says is a unit of packaged computer circuitry usually called an integrated circuit that is manufactured from a materials such as silicon at a very small scale. Also electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semicoductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronics fucntion in an integrated circuit whatever it is we know that microchip is written in the bilble though did write word for word but if you meditate the word deeply you will find that it is true like in Revelation 13:7 says And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindred and tongues, and nations. After the second coming of Jesus Christ The Anti-Christ will come in and rule the whole earth, and all governments, king prime and ministers including presidents will submit to his power. To truly deeply understand please see useful links for further understanding about this fact MicroChip or a Biochip called 666 or the mark of the beast.

Is the biochip the Mark of the Beast?
What is The Biochip Technology?, What is a biochip implant?, Computer Microchip, Antenna Coil, Tuning Capacitor, Glass Capsule, How it works, Common Misconceptions About Biochip implants, One major concern with a implanted biochip is theft. Is the Biochip the Mark of the Beast?,

The Mark of the Beast
The technology exists today, and people are getting chips implanted under their skin today.
We have the social security number today, we have paper money today.Here are more scriptures in Revelation that talk about the mark of the beast. 

666 and the New King James Bible
This is one sign that we are going to a cashless society. By swiping your card and punching your number, the whole transaction is made. Also popping up everywhere are machines in stores to do your banking at. Amazingly, 10 to 15 banks, credit unions.

The mark will be implanted under the forehead, so people who have no right hand could also have the mark. The microchip assembly, called radio frequency identification (RFID) is already used in animals.

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