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Free Electrical Engineering Technical ebooks

First and foremost I would like to give thanks to IIEE officers in the philippines to have a one mind to share his valuable ideas with regard to electrical engineering world. Listed below from IIEE technical Free reports to download from
the different authors.

Orientation Wires Cables Session
Wires and Cables, Applications on low votages Feeders and Branch Circuits,general orientation on building and industrial wires and cables,general orientation on building and industrial wires and cables,building wires in the philippines are usually rated at 600 volts which include, when can a wire be called a cable?, european LV wires and cables,comparison of wires and cables philippines vs. european, standard european LV wires and cables,

Power Quality Basic

By: Engr. Arsenion A. Abellana - PEE, MScEE
IEEE 1100 defines power quality as “the degree to which both the utilization and delivery of electrical power affects the performance of electrical equipment”.Power quality affects system performance and operating costs. I had my first experience on the importance of power quality during a consultancy project with a
European company more than a decade ago.The European engineer was complaining of poor power
quality that may result in equipment malfunctioning.The said equipment required a very
tight voltage regulation which the utility cannot meet.A generator has to be provided to solve the problem.

Sizing Circuits
Myths and Facts in Wire and cables application, be careful in referencing tables on wirea and cable ampacities because they are not actually identical,comparison north american, philippines and european manufactured cables,  Just curious which is the more expensive wire?, What size TW, THW, THHN, conductor does the NEC require for a 50 ampere circuit?, how do we design a non motor branch circuit?, a safe electrical system starts from the very basic wiring fundamentals.

System Reliability in Industrial Plants
By: Doods A. Amora PEE ( IIEE 2009 National Auditor)
IEEE defines RELIABILITY as "the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time." In the Philippines, electricity is usually taken for granted. As many observers say, ‘electrical power is somewhat like the air people breathe’. Electricity seems to be just ‘in there,’ meeting every man’s need constantly, somewhat eternally. As it is always expected that light would come on every time a switch is flipped, fact is, humanity doesn’t really think about it until it is lost. It is only during a power failure, when one enters into a dark room and instinctively hits the useless switch, realizing how important power is in daily life.

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