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World Largest Electrical Power Plant On Earth

When talking of the World's Largest Electrical Power plant around the planet earth none other than
Three Georges Dam it was located at Yiling Distric of Yichang in Hubie province China. Has installed
electrical capacity of 22,500 mega watts with an annual generation of 100,000 Giga watt hour. With total
of 34 main electrical generators 32 of which has a capacity of 700 mega watts and the other two has a capacity of
50 mega watts. Uses Francis turbines, the turbine diameter is 9.7/10.4 m (VGS design/Alstom's design) and rotation speed is 75 revolutions per minute.
The rated power is 778 mega volt ampere, with a maximum of 840 mega volt ampere.The surface area is 1,045 km2.

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