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Latest PRC Board Exam Results For Electrical Engineering

Remembering the past just before the results of the prc board exam for electrical enginereing both REE and RME is not an easy one.Me, as my experience I had learned a lot, I almost got not to sleep at night waiting for the latest results beacause my dreams is I'm the one see my name written in the news paper or in the website but its totally bad, why because a friend of mine texting me the results instead. But for now to those of
who are waiting for the latest result of PRC board examination for newly registered electrical and master electrician is here. I just collect the top 10 PRC site that follows below.


Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board Exam Results Online, Philippines

Your one-stop resource for PRC Board Exam results
The national official site of Professioanl regulation commission

Brings you the latest Philippine PRC Board Exam Results currently available, so make sure you keep coming back on a regular basis.


Your one stop online resource for exam results

From his disclaimer that The board exam results found on this website are taken from the official online publication of PRC. We don’t take full ownership of any errors generated from converting the official PDF file from PRC to flashed based content that we offer.

This site aims only to expedite the release of results but recommends the readers to wait for the official exam results released either from the PRC website or other media as authorized by the PRC.

Was created after the author got too frustrated looking for names of his friends who may have passed the board exams.  The existing websites, both official and non-official, force you to go through a lot of clicks and scrolling before you can find the names you are looking for,

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Results of PRC Board Examinations

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