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Electronics Free Ebooks for Communication like Radio, signal Fiber ETC.

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Designing Embedded Systems with the SIGNAL Programming Language
Synchronous, Reactive Specification,he synchronous programming language, SIGNAL, is used to demonstrate the pragmatic design of embedded systems. This is an invaluable tutorial/reference for scientists, practitioners and students.

Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced
The book covers the fundamental radio characteristics of a typical 4G wireless communication system, focusing on the transceiver’s chain from the physical layer to layers 2 and 3. Starting by defining realistic and futuristic usage scenarios.

Fiber Optics
Physics and Technology. This book is a comprehensive source about optical fibers: Their structure, their light-guiding mechanism, their material and manufacture, their use. Several effects tend to degrade the signal as it travels down the fiber.

Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair
provides the detailed instructions and schematics required to repair or rebuild them. A troubleshooting section is included, with charts and pin-out diagrams.

Speech Processing in Modern Communication

Challenges and Perspectives. The proposed book deals with the fundamental challenges of speech processing in modern communication, including speech enhancement, interference suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, relative transfer function identification, source localization, dereverberation, andbeamforming in reverberant environments.

Radiolocation in Ubiquitous Wireless Communication
The purpose is to fill a gap in the current technical literature and present the issues involved in locating mobile wireless network agents, in a single volume, accessible to system designers and other practitioners in the wireless field.

Power Electronics
Devices, Drivers, Applications and Passive Components. In this revised and updated version the author has added an entire new section on passive components - capacitors, soft magnetic materials, and resistors. In addition to describing their properties, characteristics, and ratings, he illustrates their use with examples. Important additions to the applications section include converter underlap, reversible converters, and standby and uninterruptible supplies.

LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing
Certain topics will be explained in enough detail so that the reader will know there is no hand waving or mystery involved. This material is meant to bridge the gap between obtaining theoretical knowledge and actually exercising that knowledge.LabVIEW provides us with an excellent set of tools for examining all sorts of DSP and digital communication topics.

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