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Computational Surgery and Dual Training
Computational Surgery and Dual Training provides the necessary background in computer and surgical techniques that will enable computer scientists/biomedical engineers and surgeons to work together to improve interventional procedures and surgeries.

Wireless Communication Technologies, New Multimedia Systems
Each chapter includes basic concepts and technical trends in addition to providing extensive technical coverage. Researchers and engineers of wireless communication systems will benefit from insights and results reported in Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems. This work may also be suitable for graduate level courses on Wireless Communication Systems, Cellular Communication Systems, and Mobile Communications.

MATLAB Programming for Engineers B01_0562
The content is in English, same as US version but different cover.

Mobile Computing
Technology, Applications, and Service Creation McGraw-Hill Communications Engineering
This book provides a detailed survery of the technologies delivering true mobile computing – on both the service creation and device fronts. This book guides communications professionals and students through the complex web of acronyms, standards that wireless data runs on.

Human Factors for Engineers
The book discusses human factors integration methodology and reviews the issues that underpin consideration of key topics such as human error, automation and human reliability assessment. There are also design considerations including control room and interface design and acceptance and verification considerations.

Engineering Play
A Cultural History of Children's Software
The children's software boom (and the bust that followed), says Ito, can be seen as a microcosm of the negotiations surrounding new technology, children, and education.

Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics
This is a design manual for high-frequency transformers, especially for switching power supplies, interesting for: electronics design engineers, technicians, professors, and for technical libraries.We warmly recommend to all specialists this clear, complete, up-to-date book.IEEE Power Electronics Newsletter.


arshad said...

Hi its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to phones

adeel said...

these are so new technologies which you are going to introducing ,,, i am really surprised to see the sites here.. which i really like them ...
especially in the field of communication like cell phone etc...

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