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Entrepreneurship For Engineers BookFree Download and Robots

Flying Insects and Robots
This book was written by biologists and engineers leading the research in this crossdisciplinary field. It examines all aspects of the mechanics, technology and intelligence of insects and insectoids. After introductory-level overviews of flight control in insects, dedicated chapters focus on the development of autonomous flying systems using biological principles to sense their surroundings and autonomously navigate.

Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic theory and to classic solution methods in electromagnetics."--Professor Chalmers M. Butler, Clemson University First published in 1961, Roger Harrington's Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields is one of the most significant works in electromagnetic theory and applications. Over the past forty years, it proved to be a key resource for students, professors, researchers, and engineers who require a comprehensive, in
depth treatment of the subject. Now, IEEE is reissuing the classic in response to requests from our many members, who found it an invaluable textbook and an enduring reference for practicing engineers.

Entrepreneurship for Engineers

align into a successful enterprise, will likely see good times—if they start up right. However, many young researchers hesitate to set up their own company.
Written by an electrical engineer with more than nineteen years of successful business experience, Entrepreneurship for Engineers covers every aspect you
must master to become a savvy entrepreneur.

Ancient Engineers' Inventions
The first four parts pertain to definite fields and present inventions generally conceived up to the late Roman Empire. Inventions that are representative of the engineering genius of the ancients and that may be considered as milestones, each in their respective field.
The fifth part refers to fields of engineering (such as textiles and automation) in which important innovations were conceived also in more recent centuries.

eference Data for Engineers, Ninth Edition
Radio, Electronics, Computers and Communications It will benefit telecommunciation engineers, designers and business managers who need to know more about modern telecommunication technology.

Ad-hoc Networks: Fundamental Properties and Network Topologies
In multi-hop and ad-hoc networks there is a trade-off between the network size and the maximum input bit rate possible per node. Large ad-hoc or sensor networks, consisting of thousands of nodes, can only support low bit-rate applications. This work provides valuable directives for designing ad-hoc networks and sensor networks. It will not only be of interest to the academic community, but also to the engineers who roll out ad-hoc and sensor networks in practice.

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