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EMC of Analog Integrated Circuits
Environmental electromagnetic pollution has drastically increased over the last decades. The omnipresence of communication systems, various electronic appliances and the use of ever increasing frequencies, all contribute to a noisy electromagnetic environment which acts detrimentally on sensitive electronic equipment. Integrated circuits must be able to operate satisfactorily while cohabiting harmoniously in the same appliance, and not generate intolerable levels of electromagnetic emission.

A Circuits and Systems Perspective

Chua's Circuit Implementations
The Birth of Chua's Circuit Implementations of Chua's Diode Cellular Nonlinear Networks and Chua's Circuit Frequency Switched Chua's Circuit: Experimental Dynamics Characterization Programmable Chua's Circuit Switched Capacitor-based Chua's.

Dynamics of Josephson Junctions and Circuits
Particular emphasis is placed on the dynamics of new circuits and analog and digital devices using single quanta of magnetic flux. Professor Likharev also describes for the first time in the monograph literature new phenomena of correlated tunneling of single electrons and Cooper pairs in ultrasmall tunnel junctions.

Silicide Technology for Integrated Circuits
key topics covered are fundamentals, present and future silicide technology for Si-based devices, and characterisation methods.

Design Methodology for RF CMOS Phase Locked Loops
The book includes design alternatives for phase detectors that feature methods to minimize jitter caused by the dead zone effect. You also find a sample design of a fully integrated PLL for WLAN applications that demonstrates every step and detail right down to the circuit schematics and layout diagrams. Supported by over 150 diagrams and photos, this one-stop toolkit helps you produce superior PLL designs faster, and deliver more effective solutions for low cost integrated circuits in all RF applications.

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