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Telecommunication Switching and Networks A Beginner's Guide Digital Communication

Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide

Telecommunication Circuit Design
Also new to this edition is a chapter devoted to the design of cellular phones, as well as new end-of-chapter exercises.

Signaling in Telecommunication Networks
This book provides accessible, balanced coverage of subscriber signaling, interexchange signaling, signaling between mobile stations and a mobile network, and signaling between exchanges and other network entities. First, it provides a general introduction to telecommunication networks, with a hardware-oriented look at trunks, exchanges, and other basic components. It then introduces signaling concepts gradually, beginning with the older Channel-Associated Signaling (CAS) systems and progressing through today's Common-Channel Signaling (CCS) systems.

Digital Communication over Fading Channels
This is not to imply that multipath fading channels are something new to be reckoned with; indeed, they have plagued many a system designer for well over 40 years, but rather to serve as a motivation for their ever-increasing significance in the years to come. At the same time, we do not in any way wish to diminish the importance of the fading channel scenarios that occurred well prior to the wireless revolution since indeed many of them still exist and will continue to exist in the future.

Pricing Communication Networks
Economics, Technology and Modelling
Recent technology advances, combined with the deregulation of the telecommunication market and the proliferation of the internet, have created a highly competitive environment for communication service prividers. Pricing is no longer as simple as picking an appropriate model for a particular contract.

Telecommunication Switching and Networks
Telecommunication switching is fast growing field and enormous research and development are undertaken by various organisations and firms. This book provides an in-depth knowledge on telecommunication switching and a good background for advanced studies in communication networks. For best understanding, more diagrams (202), tables (35) and related websites, which provide sufficient information have been added.

Computational Intelligence in Telecommunications Networks
Offers an in-depth look at the rapid progress of CI technology and shows its importance in solving the crucial problems of future telecommunications networks. It covers a broad range of topics, from Call Admission Control, congestion control, and QoS-routing for ATM networks, to network design and management, optical, mobile, and active networks, and Intelligent Mobile Agents.Today's telecommunications professionals need a working knowledge of CI to exploit its potential to overcome emerging challenges.

Telecommunications Breakdown
Concepts of Communication Transmitted via Software-Defined RadioChapter by chapter, the learner creates a Matlab realization of the various pieces of the system—exploring the key ideas along the way, and in the final chapter “puts it all together” to build a fully functional receiver. For communication systems builders.

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