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List of Free Electricity Ebooks for Electrical Engineer

Introduction to Thermoelectricity
The theory of the thermoelectric and related phenomena is presented in sufficient detail to enable researchers to understand their observations and develop improved thermoelectric materials. The methods for the selection of materials and their improvement are discussed. Thermoelectric materials for use in refrigeration and electrical generation are reviewed.

Electrical Properties of Polymers
The book's comprehensive analysis spans underlying physical principles and synthesis through emerging technologies, including light-emitting diodes and flexible polymers.

Theory of Adaptive Fiber Composites
From Piezoelectric Material Behavior to Dynamics of Rotating Structures. The occurring oscillations can be reduced with aid of aerodynamic couplings via fast manipulation of the angle of attack, being induced by twist actuation of the rotor blade. On the one hand the sensing properties may be used to determine the current state of deformation, while on the other hand the actuation properties may be used to attain the required state of deformation.

Zanimiva Elektrotehnika
In the first part it talks about physical lows of electricity then it caries on electrical machines an than it ends with power generation and power distribution.

Analysis and Design of Resilient VLSI Circuits
Mitigating Soft Errors and Process Variations, due to the detrimental effects of radiation particle strikes and processing variations. This book presents algorithms to analyze the effects of these issues on the electrical behavior of VLSI circuits and circuit design techniques to mitigate the impact of these problems.

Electromechanical Properties in Composites Based on Ferroelectrics
Engineering Materials and Processes. The book not only highlights the advantages of different methods for predicting the electromechanical properties and choosing the optimum components, but also demonstrates the non-trivial behavior of specific composite architectures and their parameters which are valuable for transducer, sensor, actuator,
hydroacoustic, and other applications. "Electromechanical Properties in Composites Based on Ferroelectrics" is a valuable resource for engineers, researchers, and postgraduate students in the field of ferroelectric, piezoelectric and related materials.

The Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates
The approximate methods for integrating the equations of piezoelectric shells and plates are developed and applied for solving some engineering problems. In the second part, the theory of piezoelectric shells and plates is substantiated by the asymptotic method. The area of applicability for different kinds of electroelastic shell theories is studied. A new problem concerning the electroelastic phenomena at the edge of a thin-walled element is raised and solved.

Concepts in Electric Circuits
In particular, basic circuit elements and their characteristics are presented when connected in an electric network. In addition, techniques to analyse and solve electric circuits are explained in a simple manner and examples are shown to demonstrate each strategy. DC as well as AC circuit analysis is provided with a brief account of filters in the end.

Schaum's Outline of Electrical Power Systems
This superb Outline clearly presents every aspect of real-world power system calculation and implementation. Famous for their clarity, wealth of illustrations and examples, and lack of dreary minutia, SchaumÕs Outlines have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Compatible with any textbook, this Outline is also perfect for standardized test or professional exam review.

Electron Cyclotron Emission And Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating EC-15
Electron cyclotron emission, heating and current drive, with an emphasis on the physics and technology of Electron Cyclotron Emission, Electron Cyclotron Heating and Electron Cyclotron Current Drive applied to magnetic fusion research.

Ferroelectric Thin Films
Basic Properties and Device Physics for Memory Applications
Infrared sensors, piezoelectric sensors and actuators. This book, aimed at students, researchers and developers, gives detailed information about the basic
properties of these materials and the associated device physics.

CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications, Second Edition
Addressing the most dynamic areas of the ever-changing telecommunications landscape, this new edition of the bestselling CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications once again brings together the top minds and industry pioneers in wireless communication networks, protocols, and devices.

Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles
Fundamentals, Theory, and Design, Second Edition
Air pollution, global warming, and the steady decrease in petroleum resources continue to stimulate interest in the development of safe, clean, and highly efficient transportation. Building on the foundation of the bestselling first edition, Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory, and Design, Second Edition updates and expands its detailed coverage of the vehicle technologies that offer the most promising solutions to these issues affecting the automotive industry.

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