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Engineering Electronics Free Books to Download Handbook with Theory

Nonlinear Systems

Remoting Patterns
Foundations of Enterprise, Internet and Realtime Distributed Object Middleware
This book exposes the full power of remoting to developers working in mixed platform environments in a way that will ensure they have a deep understanding of what remoting is capable of, and how they can make it work the way they want.

Occupational Audiometry
Monitoring and Protecting Hearing at Work. This practical guide gives occupational health nurses everything they need to know about setting up and managing hearing conservation programmes, as well as how to carry out the audiometric tests.

Vehicular Networks
Techniques, Standards, and Applications provide and presents their possible deployment architectures, while also showing the roles of the involved contributors (networks operators, car manufacturers, service providers, and governmental authorities). The book explores the technical challenges in deployment, such as MAC protocols, routing, information dissemination, dynamic IP autoconfiguration, mobility management, security, and the privacy of drivers and passengers. In addition, it considers the possible business models for deploying such networks.

Advanced Topics in System and Signal Theory
The first part of the book contains basic background on the necessary mathematical tools and provides a basic foundation of signal and system theory. Emphasis is given to the close relation between properties of linear systems such as causality, time-invariance, and robustness on the one hand and the algebraic structures and analytic properties of the mathematical objects, such as Banach algebras or Hardy spaces, on the other hand.

Recent Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications
These new growing applications require high-quality data storage, easy access to multimedia content and reliable delivery. Moving ever closer to commercial deployment also aroused a higher awareness of security and intellectual property management issues.

Handbook of Semiconductor Interconnection Technology, Second Edition
The field has grown tremendously in the interim and many of the "likely directions" outlined in the first edition are now standard in modern facilities. Thoroughly updated to reflect recent advances, this Second Edition examines the interconnect and fabrication technologies currently available along with the future prospects for the field.
What's New in the Second Edition? Detailed discussion of electrochemical equipment for plating copper

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